Hi, I’m Salcido.  To give you a little background about me, I grew up relatively normal within a big city.  My passion is traveling and experiencing the world.  The biggest dream I have is to be able to never stay in one place for too long but I know that is not always possible; especially when you need to have income.  I dabble in all sorts of stuff and one thing I really enjoy is the art of SEO.  Hopefully from my SEO ventures I will be able to generate enough income that I will be able to still make some decent money while being able to travel to low budget, yet breathtaking destinations.

I want to one day have children, which means my life will have to slow down at some point, but until then I’m never looking back and going to check lots of marks off my bucket list before I’m 35.  Brazil, the Phillipines and all you other amazing spots; here I come.  Oh and make sure to follow along here at my blog for you’ll get lots of my learning and testing secrets from doing SEO.  I run a decently sized website that makes a decent amount now, but I want to really expand my reach.


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