Searching Engine Optimization and Using YouTube

I know that Google is the most popular search engine by far.  I also know that Google has many different algorithms that it uses to figure out what websites are important enough to show on the SERPs.  If you hire the best SEO company and ask them or do a lot of research on your own, you’ll quickly see what I’m talking about.  From research and experience I also know that Google can penalize sites for trying to manipulate the search results.  Now, Google owns YouTube, and I see a lot of YouTube results in Google’s SERPs.  So I believe that Google is unwilling to penalize YouTube even in the wake of so many algorithm updates.  It’s almost as if YouTube is immune to algo updates.

Well instead of sulking and hating on Google for monopolizing the internet, you can use this to your advantage whether you’re a business or just a website owner looking to make some money off of some traffic.  Maybe YouTube results are favored by Google, but YouTube is a free site that you can use to post content and market your website.  Make your own YouTube videos about relevant things in your niche.  Maybe even just talk about your topic and give advice.  Use keywords in your YouTube description and tags and link to your website to create more backlinks which will in turn help your search engine optimization efforts.  If your video is compelling and useful, you will find that your video should rank fairly easy for many keywords.

You don’t even have to show your face in videos for them to be good.  You can do voice overs while you show a presentation on the computer screen.  As long as the information is useful it will be good.  Having said that I believe if you do put yourself out there and get on film your video will be more powerful.  If people can relate to you, even about things you may think are embarrassing, then they will trust you and be more likely to interact with your content.

So either way, put yourself out there or not, you need to take advantage of the fact that YouTube videos are quite easy to rank and are a free way to market your website.  Once I started making 2 to 3 minute videos for my most important posts, they got a huge SEO boost.  If the video ranks well, the page it links to should rank well also.

Not to mention you will be getting direct traffic from YouTube itself from people searching and finding your video.  No matter if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or webmaster of any kind it is a win win that you should be taking advantage of.

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