Using Blog Comments to Receive Backlinks

One of the ways I have created backlinks to all my websites is by posting blog comments, this is a services provided by many SEO companies.  This is a very easy thing to do once you get good at it, and you will get good at it by listening to how I do it successfully and how I used to do it wrong.  I have made a lot of blog comments and I have also wasted a lot of hours thinking I was going to get backlinks only to find out my comments did not get approved.

The other thing I did wrong was post comments in the wrong places.  Half the comments that did get approved didn’t really matter anyway because they were posted to blogs that were not relevant to my niche and keyword.

The first thing to know about blog comments as they refer to search engine optimization (SEO) is that they are only a tool in the big scheme of things and are not a complete plan.  SEO is no longer about the amount of link building you can do but more about the quality of the sites linking to you and how relevant they are to the term you want to rank for.

So at first I made as many blog comments as I could.  I wrote things like ‘nice post, can’t wait for the next one’ or ‘good read, you really know your stuff’.  Then I would put my keyword in the ‘name’ box so it would become my anchor text.  Well, in real life no one’s name is ‘how to groom your dog’.  So if my lame comment ever did get approved the search engines would figure out very fast that I was trying to manipulate the search rankings.

After I figured out that what I was doing was too obvious to search engines I started to clean up my comment posting technique.  Now I realize I actually need to read the article before posting so I can think about it and contribute to the conversation in a positive way.  I also leave a real first name in the name box and don’t worry so much about anchor text.  Anchor needs to be diverse, search engines caught on that this part of the algorithm was being manipulated and they updated.

I also make sure that the article and site are relevant to the terms I am trying to rank for.  If they are not relevant my time is wasted because search engines will not count these links as valuable when ranking for my desired keywords.  So comment posting can still be an effective way to create backlinks, especially on new sites that need to get indexed.  Just remember to keep things sincere when you post and post on relevant websites.

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