Should I be Using Software for SEO?

Hi and welcome to my blog.  Here I will be covering all of my ventures in search engine optimization (or SEO).  My first post is about using software to accomplish professional SEO services.  When I first started learning about search engine optimization and how it affects websites, I read a lot about SEO software like SEO Moz to do different things related to SEO.  It was tempting to purchase software that I knew was being used by successful marketers.  I held back, I knew that I needed to figure out how the internet and SEO worked manually before I started to dabble in software.

Once I spent some time learning SEO I couldn’t resist any longer, I purchased my first SEO software.  The software was called scrapebox.  This is very powerful SEO software that can be very beneficial.  It works by scraping the internet for keywords and blogs that you can use to post comments on.  It even goes one step further and actually does the posting for you.  With this software you can make thousands of blog posts in a relatively short amount of time.  It is a very useful tool if used right, and in the wrong hands, it can be used for a lot of poor practices and spam.

There are some downfalls to using scrapebox and any software for that matter.  First of all you are essentially posting spam.  This means you need to have private proxies or else your IP address would be banned from posting in 2 seconds.  Having private proxies cost about 18 dollars a month, if you’re making money then this is no big deal.  The other thing is that using scrapebox for commenting is only good for your tier 2 or 3 links in the current state that SEO is in.  Posting this many comments linking to your money site would be an instant red flag and get you penalized.

So for me I stopped using software altogether.  If I want to blast tier 2 or 3 links with blog comments I can outsource it cheap enough and don’t have to worry about a recurring monthly fee for private proxies.  As for scraping for blogs and such it is still a good tool but I can get just as good of results using operators in a Google search.

The fact is that using software is not a sustainable way to create backlinks nor as well respected.  If you want to be in the search results in the future you are going to have to create compelling content and figure out how to share that content naturally. Use video, podcasts and social media.  The thing is, if you really believe your content is compelling (which you should), than eventually you will find a successful way to gain an audience with repeated effort and time.

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